Granville Creek Custom Cabinetry of Richmond VA

Granville Creek has over twenty years of experience in fine carpentry and high end custom cabinetry offering superior craftsmanship, customized sizes, details, and accessories. At Granville Creek our goal is to provide a top quality product each and every time. Everything we build is 100% custom from start to finish using only the highest quality materials. Building custom cabinets is our passion; it is a process and a medium in which our skills, creativity, and interests coalesce into a product that reflects our focus on high quality work and craftsmanship that yields a beautiful end product.

We design, build, and install custom cabinets in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and home offices. We build cabinets that are unique, strong, durable, and long lasting. Furthermore, we measure, design, build, and install our cabinetry to fit your spaces, needs, and desires and we also work with designs that clients or designers provide. We not only build cabinets, but we also build other items like mantels, bookcases, cooktops, center islands, and even furniture pieces. See cabinet applications for information.

How Much Do Custom Cabinets Cost?

The costs for custom cabinetry can vary enormously, depending on the material, detail, accessories and degree of intricacy involved.  The myth that custom cabinetry is always a high cost item is just that - a myth. Custom cabinets are very price-competitive with large factory manufacturers because of their lower overhead and much reduced shipping expense. Granville Creek Custom Cabinetry has no standard price; each project is priced independently to your specifications.

Why Install Custom Cabinets?

There are many reasons to have custom cabinets built. One is superior quality. Most of the modular cabinets are massed produced, not built to fit. The construction methods are usually 1/2" particle board with face frames stapled on. Fillers are used to fill gaps because a cabinet may be to small and the materials used do not hold up to the test of time and every day use. Most factory cabinetry is manufactured in stock sizes that cannot be easily or inexpensively varied. For example, when kitchen sinks need to be centered under a window, a 2" or 3" offset can make a big difference. Custom cabinetry accommodates such differences easily and offer greater flexibility. They also allow you to add compatible new cabinets to an existing set.

Why Granville Creek?

The body of Granville Creek cabinets are constructed from 3/4" plywood and screwed together. When face framed cabinets are desired, our face frames are glued and assembled with pocket screws for structural integrity, then the frame is glued, clamped and nailed to the box. Another reason is you have more control over the design of your cabinets. They can be built to your exact specifications, rather than settling for pre-designed cabinets that cannot accommodate your individual needs.

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